Emergency Information

For Fire, Medical or Police Emergencies CALL 9-1-1

For Emergencies listed below. Call Client Care’s emergency line.


For Non Emergencies listed below. click the ‘SUBMIT A REQUEST‘ button above.

What is an Emergency?

Emergency Situations

  • Flooding from a water leak
  • No Heat
  • Elevator not working
  • Parkade door not functioning
  • Building security seriously compromised
  • Power failure: Call Manitoba Hydro 1-888-624-9376
  • No water: Call City of Winnipeg 204-986-2455

Call the Police if you have these complaints

  • If you have problems with noisy or unruly residents or visitors
  • If your vehicle is broken into or vandalized

Non Emergency Situations


  • Parking passes needed
  • Car parked in your assigned parking stall
  • Lost keys or fobs
  • Moving in or out
  • Intercom changes
  • Intercom not working
  • Garbage not picked up
  • Vehicle ticketed
  • Vehicle towed (call local bylaw enforcement office)
  • Barking dog (call local bylaw enforcement office)
  • Administrative requests